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The male head of the family is a great amateur photographer. If you've always wondered why we have so many photos on our site, thats the reason. Smile please! Dads watching.
The female head of the family is a do-it-yourself expert. She knows all about it from painting and building shelves to gardening. And shes not afraid to ask us all to help. But we dont mind because she serves up the best spare ribs in the world. Thats mom for you
Our oldest child is the high-flier of the family. Since she took a taster course a few years ago, shes been unstoppable. She is also the proud owner of her own paraglider, which she bought a few months ago. Her greatest dream: To take off from the Matterhorn. Our daughter likes to aim high.
Our youngest child is always on the right track on the Internet or with GPS. A big fantasy fan, he particularly enjoys playing World of Warcraft. But dont worry he gets plenty of fresh air too, thanks to his geocaching. Hes seen a lot of places on his searches. Our son is at the top of his game.
Thank you for visiting our website. We would like to show you what inspires our family. This family site is private.

What does our website have to offer? It goes without saying that there are brief profiles of us all. Each member of the family has the chance to have their say that's a promise. We also invite you to find out all about us and our hobbies. Everyone is different so we all have different interests. Take a look around and tell us what you think.

As everyone who knows us is aware: We love traveling, which is why a large part of this site is dedicated to the travels weve been on over the past years.
Aunt Ella celebrated her 72nd birthday last Sunday. We would like to wish her all the best again. It was a lovely party.